Are you a senior looking for help? At Seniors Helping Seniors we believe everyone needs a little helping hand from time to time. What’s more – care for the elderly is something we can help you plan.

At Seniors Helping Seniors we provide the perfect platform for you to get the support  you are looking for. We’ve been in operation for 21 years worldwide and we started our award-winning care for the elderly across Canterbury, Whitstable, Faversham, Sandwich, Deal and surrounding areas in 2013

We know it can be hard to ask for help and we promise to make it very easy for you from your very first enquiry.  Getting help from a loving, caring, compassionate experienced person who really understands what life is, is what we mean by “senior help”

Flexible care for the elderly

Our services are 100% flexible for you. We pride ourselves on making successful matches and peace of mind comes from having the same person visit. We make all introductions personally. We provide back up, liaison and award winning customer service.  As a result, care and support is there for you every step of the way.

We can relieve you of the overwhelming responsibility of day-to-day chores and give you back what you value most – peace of mind and the knowledge that you and your loved one has added joy, companionship and security to his or her life.

Our senior carers are especially helpful after an injury, new diagnosis or preparing for a hospital stay.  We will do the bending, reaching and lifting.  We can help build confidence and take care of practicalities.  We can arrange service before a hospital admission, so we are ready and waiting to collect from hospital and help settle into a safe routine at home.

We will meet you to hear your needs and your wish lists.  We will  match you with a care provider who lives in your local area and we will accompany them to meet you. We will manage the schedules, provide back up and liaison to family as needed. Our trusted caregivers are a great source of connection and companionship, helping seniors continue to enjoy a wide range of activities at home and around the community.  Suiting your personality and your needs, we work the way that works best for you. We do not expect you change your life around for us.  Seniors Helping Seniors is available every day, any hour of the week and even overnight.  There are no changes to the hourly rates for weekends or holidays and the service is flexible. If your plans change, we adapt.

We have discovered that the people who use our in-home services really enjoy life. They want a service that supports them and helps them be them. It’s about getting practical help and so much more – adding joy and companionship back into life. We hear over and over again that we change people’s lives for the better – we give them back something they lost.

Affordable help for those that you love

At Seniors Helping Seniors, providing reasonably priced support services to our local Canterbury, Whitstable, Faversham, Sandwich,  Deal and surrounding communities is important to us. We pride ourselves on being able to provide a solution to families who care about an ageing family member or friend and want to provide them with the caring and compassionate help that is needed at a price they can afford.

We know that it can very hard to take the first step into “care”.  Difficulties can arise because of your own expectations or because the person you love doesn’t want it.  Either way, we can help. We are different from other care companies.  We know that it’s so much easier for an older adult to receive help when it’s offered from someone they can relate to and doesn’t “feel like a carer”.

How do you know if you need help?

Do you need help? Answer these questions to find out:

  • Do you have low motivation, a lack of energy, or have some physical problems?
  • Do you feel you are missing out?
  • Do you have difficulty keeping up with the daily chores around your home? House cleaning? Cooking? Changing linens?
  • Could you use assistance getting to the doctor? Or to the hairdresser? Or to the shops? Would you like to be more sociable?
  • Would you like more variety in your week?
  • Would you welcome help with the upkeep of your home such as gardening and maintenance?
  • Are you ever lonely?

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, it is worth talking to Seniors Helping Seniors in-home care for the elderly services. Contact us today on:

Canterbury: 01227 454 900 |

Ashford: 01233 746 000 | Faversham: 01795 515 392 | Guildford: 01483416653 | Tonbridge 01732 495 665 | Brighton: 01273 090 848

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