I met a great guy the other day. He helps people with mobility care.  One of the heroes that pull out all the stops when it’s important.

Since they tend to do their jobs well and their customers can move on to the next important thing, they rarely seem to get the credit they deserve.

I love to shout out amazing customer service and I hope this quick read will brighten your day!

My friend moved in with her dad at the beginning of lockdown, juggling adult kids, her job, her home, her relationship, a funeral and everything else that came with COVID-19. With little time to plan, her life was put on hold for six whole months while she stepped into caring for her dad full time 175 miles away.

When the guidelines began to change, she started to look into sustainable care options for her father.

A move into her home in London from Macclesfield was decided on but only if it was possible to bring home comforts with him.

The physical move took executive planning and I had the honour of picking Dad and his granddaughter up from Euston. My priority was to maintain calm and to focus on him while everyone else got on with unpacking and all the physical stuff, while my friend drove the last bits and herself from one home to another.

It was an honour for me and the great news is that the move has turned out brilliantly.

My friend’s dad’s stair lift was installed in Macclesfield 10 years ago by Mike and maintained and serviced ever since. Mike and my friend’s dad formed a good relationship.

When it came to moving south, Mike and his wife Pat drove from their home in Wales to remove the stair lift. He was careful not to rush anyone and he only started to dismantle the lift once my friend’s dad was downstairs on moving day.

Mike transported the stair lift himself to install it into it’s forever home.

The round trip is 400 miles, so no one would have blamed Mike and his wife Pat for wanting to get on their way. But a fully installed stair lift would have made moving furniture very difficult.

mobility care

Mike and Pat’s round trip was 400 miles

So they waited while beds were taken upstairs and Mike didn’t finish installing the seat and doing the final check until the removal people had finished and the upstairs hoovering had been done.

The banter between the two gents as the inaugural trip up and downstairs happened was heartwarming, followed by confident farewells that revealed genuine care.

I’m thrilled to have found another example of outstanding local service – congrats Mike, you’re a hero and I have no doubt you’ve saved the day for loads of families who’d love to join me in saying thank you for all you do.

Mike said anyone needing advice about stair lifts is welcome to call him. Telephone Telephone 01745 571464 web www.mobilitycarenw.co.uk