Elderly care services coming out of lockdown

We wanted to share what elderly care services people are asking for coming out of lockdown.  As a Top Twenty Care agency, each office offers similar services so the services we are asked to provide in in Canterbury, Whitstable, Herne Bay and Thanet, Dover, Deal and Sandwich are the in-home elderly care services being requested in our other offices across Kent and Surrey.

People are keen to get their lives back on track but many find all the new ‘coming out of lockdown’ rules and risks daunting. Seniors who have been supported by family and neighbours now have to think how to cope as family start returning to work.

People tell us they have lost confidence during isolation and that they are worried for all sorts of reasons.  Others say they genuinely struggle with face masks, saying they feel as though they “loose their senses when they put on their face masks”.   Coping with glasses, hearing aides and a face mask takes some getting used to.  So the current theme for our in-home elderly care services at Seniors Helping Seniors is accompanying people to do their shopping, catching up with important GP and hospital visits, sight and hearing tests and getting a hairdressing appointment!

Tasks people living with frailty have not managed during lockdown

The care we are asked for currently has an emphasis on all the jobs people haven’t been up to doing for themselves during the lockdown. Cleaning floors, changing beds and gardening are enormous tasks for the frail and we are delighted to help provide more hygienic and safe living conditions for people. People tell us they  ‘they can’t look at the dirty floor a moment longer!’ and they daren’t venture into the garden until the grass is cut so they can see where they are going. Fridge and freezer management are critical tasks too.)

Life is getting back to normal slowly.  We have maintained capacity throughout the lockdown and no one was let down.

Services like Age UK’s centres will not open until the end of the year, so reliable same person in-home support and activities are vital.

Elderly care activities

We are thrilled how well our carers supported people during the lockdown.  They visited clients for essential care services and they helped by raising confidence and keeping people in touch with the outside world.

The photo speaks volumes about our community during the lockdown. The guidance and support our companion care provides took in many new activities over the lockdown. The emphasis was on essential elderly care such as shopping, cooking and medications, but gardening, online museum visits, virtual choirs, art and crafts and the like were truly valued. So much ingenuity came from our carers finding out what was available and making sure our clients participated.

The benefits of same person care for managing risks in elderly care during lockdown

A photo of a client using elderly care services coming out of lockdown

A carer helps our client join in her yoga class that had gone online for the lockdown

Same person elderly care has helped us manage the risks of contamination of COVID-19 and it meant clients had someone consistent to relate to and have fun with.

Carers found  interesting things to do with clients easily because they have genuine interests in common.  One carer set up a game of scrabble on the dining room table for his client which they ‘chipped away at’ over the weeks, others attended yoga and pilates classes together online, there were lots of virtual museum visits, arts and crafts and  listening to music.

“We are proud to be a specialist employer for older people, offering local work people love to do with pay above the real Living Wage” Christian Wilse Owner Seniors Helping Seniors (UK) Ltd says. Our carers are amazing people, who have truly gone above and beyond for us and their clients for months on end. “Coming out of lockdown in elderly care is a joy with cares like ours”  Christian says.