The editor of The Broadstairs Bulletin asked us about elderly care in Broadstairs and specifically how elderly people in Broadstairs were coping with the pandemic.

The demands of elderly care in Broadstairs

We’ve been supporting clients in Broadstairs since 2014 and employing local carers too.

2020 was a tough year for everyone, everywhere but we like to say Seniors Helping Seniors has been tougher!   We have not let any client down. Every client has remained safe from COVID and every carer has remained well.  Our capacity to help people when they need us was there from the beginning of the pandemic and it is still there. We are already meeting the challenges of elderly care in Broadstairs despite the severe weather and lockdown #3.  Thanks to our amazing carers we’ll meet whatever the whole year has in store.

We have hired more carers in readiness for the elderly care and support people will need in Broadstairs, with all the additional COVID precautions in place, and we have capacity to help with flexible, award winning home care when elderly people or their families need us.  We know day centres are closed and peoples’ regular support network has been severely disrupted and we are here to help.

Shielding and taking extra precautions is vital but loneliness and fear are dangerous for the elderly too.

Tricky time of year

February can be a tricky time of year for the elderly in any circumstances. Now more than ever, our clients need to make the most of their time and they can do that with the help of a trusted companion even when friends and family cannot visit them.

We have  been helping people with their vaccines and we have been helping the elderly shield properly by providing domiciliary care, home help, dementia care, respite care and the whole raft of essential services and care at home. We have also been making sure people enjoy their days and enjoy Broadstairs.  The Bulletin published a lovely photo of our client on Viking Bay, Broadstairs enjoying the scenery and the beach. Even though most places are closed, Broadstairs is amazing and locals are lucky to have such a great place to enjoy.

The article talks about some of the ways we’ve been helping our clients to stay positive. We talk about the many zoom classes we do with our clients including seated yoga and guided walks and tours around cities and museums. It’s affirming to think that other people visit the seaside remotely, when we have all this on our doorstep.

The priority is to make sure that whatever happens over the next few months with the lockdown, support for the elderly in Broadstairs will be there.

Carers are loving, caring, compassionate and giving people who know Broadstairs well and they bring joy and compassion to their work.

Carers see very few people and they are dedicated to keep their own infection risk low. Clients have the peace of mind that comes with the S.A.F.E. care standard.

If you want to read more on this please pick up your copy of The Broadstairs Bulletin. With thanks to Adam the publisher for investing in community magazines.

People love to receive local news and information, especially when it is delivered to them free of charge!  Local newspapers and magazines are a great way for the elderly to keep in touch with a community they have not seen for a year.