We have registered ‘open for business’ during CV-19 and we thought you may like to know how we are carrying on helping vulnerable people throughout this difficult time.  Thanks to our team of carers, we have managed really well all things considered.

Our hearts are with our colleagues in other care companies coping in the crisis and everyone working in residential care. These are truly very difficult times for many.

We spoke with every one of our carers at the beginning of all of this and their response  was amazing. They told us about the precautions they had already taken and assured us we could count on them. Thanks to them, worried families have peace of mind because there is support with shopping, sanitising, cooking, cleaning, medication prompting and a trusted smiling face helping to make sense of it all.

Most of our clients are living with serious conditions, including dementia. They are absolute heroes to be honest!

CV-19 Guidelines and practical help

The government has issued guidelines on social distancing and shielding which is relevant to most of our clients and Mat Hancock has written to thank all of us delivering social care.

Support and acknowledgment for our team is always appreciated but never more so than now.

Our insurance company helped us source necessary protection equipment. Our carers have been collecting from our doorstep regularly and it’s been lovely to see them even if we are sad not to be able to give them a hug!

We have registered with local suppliers and so far we have been lucky enough to source most of the supplies our clients have needed and we have managed to convince them that they are allowed a few treats as well!  Shopping has become a mission but we are regimented and super careful.

Essential Visits

We recognise that our visits and support are essential to our clients and will continue as best we can thanks to our diligent carers who have been taking precautions to remain in the best of health. Many of them have altered their work schedules to accommodate our policy of carers seeing one or just a few clients and we are grateful for the teamwork. It’s so clear to us that our business ethos is right. The time we take over the details has stood us in good stead.

We have a great team of good hearted, caring, giving helpers throughout Canterbury, Thanet, Dover, Deal and Sandwich who are continuing to help our clients. We are fortunate because our carers tend to live in very small family settings and they are superbly experienced. We have been able to help new clients at short notice and we’ll always do our best even if the client lives out of ‘our area’

We are delighted to say that our other offices are doing exactly the same in their areas too.

Joining  up

We are working with the government, the NHS and the County Council initiatives like #KentTogether and thanks to the amazing team we have available, we are supporting other care companies as well.  The feedback has been wonderful:

“Thank you so much for everything…honestly you have been the most amazing agency I have had the pleasure to work with!”

Can you help?

As we approach Easter and some beautiful springtime weather, the landscape is very strange. We are still in lockdown and the peak of CV-19 is yet to come apparently.

If you are good hearted, caring and giving and in good health and want to help, then please get in touch. We do insist on paying so this is not a volunteer role.

No one knows what is around the corner, but we are optimistic, doing our very best. We have broad shoulders and we are maintaining our smiles. As you’ll know if you’ve ever spoken with any of us, or you follow us on social media, “we love our jobs!” and we are here for you.  We are prepared and we hope you are getting on OK.

Very Best to you all, stay safe

Christian Wilse